The broker sponsorship service that we provide for apartment locators is tailored just for apartment locators. We have worked as an apartment locator and know what it takes to be successful. With that said, we provide you all the tools you need so it is a smooth transition from being an employee to being an independent agent and keeping 100% of the commission.

We have thought of everything that would make the transition difficult and taken action! The service is designed so that once you transfer brokers you can start leasing the same day!

  • The $199 covering the first 3 months is in consideration that the sales pipeline takes about 3 months before commissions are regularly coming in.
  • We provide professional liability insurance for your protection as an independent agent.
  • We provide a CRM for client management and training for a quick and easy transition.
  • We have leads available to work.
  • We take care of all of the invoicing and collections so you can just focus on leasing.

So, in the end you have all of the same benefits of working for an apartment locating company, but you get paid like a broker!

  • No broker split or quotas
  • Work as much or as little as you want
  • Keep all the commission

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay Realtor fees?

There are two broker licenses available for sponsorship, one that is for Realtors and another that is for apartment locators. If you are not doing any residential transactions then you can be on the locator broker license and NOT have to pay for Realtor board association fees.

Do I follow up on my own invoices?

We handle all of the vendor compliance, invoicing, collections, and even incentive distribution after payment is received. Our invoicing is done through the free CRM that is provided with sponsorship. Once you have leased a client, we do ask that you verify the lease. We take it over after verification and work it until payment is received. If you are curious about our invoicing process, take a look at the blog article that we wrote.

Do you provide leads?

We have a couple of lead sources currently available and can supply you more leads than you can work. There are a couple options for you that we would be happy to speak with you about. We also provide excellent training resources to help you develop your own lead sources so you can grow your own business.