What is a Broker Sponsorship?

We can hold your license as you work as an apartment locator or Realtor, and you can operate as a real estate agent the same as under any other traditional broker.

Is it difficult to change brokers?

Not at all, we can walk you through the simple process on TREC online services, and you can start working in a matter of minutes. The transfer process with the board for Realtors may take a little more time, but that does not prevent you from working in the meantime.

How fast can I start working?

Upon completion of the signup process, you will be given an invitation from TREC, CRM and Agent Portal access, and a SpiritRE email address. This process takes very little time and if you have spoken with us directly beforehand then we can time it so that it is seamless. With any transfer, it is recommended that you notify your current broker and have an understanding about clients and payment of outstanding transactions. However, it is not required, and it will not hinder the transfer of your license in any way.

What responsibilities does an agent have?

Spirit provides a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to keep contact with your clients. You are provided all of the training, forms, marketing tools necessary to be able to just focus on leasing, selling, and/or client representation. For locators we also provide the invoicing and property relations, which means your sole focus can be apartment locating, and confirming your lease with the property. If you choose to build a website to develop leads and grow your own lead stream, you are free to do that as well.

Can I get paid for providing leads?

All leads entered in the leads market are tracked from their origin, and any leads provided by your source will be paid by price per lead, or once payment has been received by the property. You are free to set your price to what you feel they are worth. Spirit will facilitate the payment so you will not need to worry about collecting payment from other agents and we will also handle the incentive disbursement if necessary.

How do I get paid my commission?

Realtors are paid directly from the title company at closing via the CDA which is provided. For locators, once payment has been received by the property, your crm will be notified and your payment. Check runs are on the 1st and the 15th of each month, with the pay period ending on the 10th and the 25th of each month. You have a choice of payment via check or direct deposit (direct deposit requires a minimum 3 transactions per month).

How much is the service?

$199 will pay for setup and your first 3 months of sponsorship. After 3 months it is $99 per month. The transaction fee is $15 per transaction whether it is apartment locating or residential sales, or leasing.

Are there discounts for paying in advance?

Yes, your first 3 months are $199, but in the even you would like to pay for more, then you can pay for additional months in advance with a minimum of 3 month’s and receive $10 off per month.

What all is included with my membership fee?

You receive a whole list of services along with training, crm, business cards, and much more. Please check out our services page for more information.

Is this just for apartment locators?

No, we are also members of the MetroTex and Houston Association of Realtors. You can do residential sales as well but you will be required to join the association.

Is there a minimum number of transactions?

No, you are free to work as hard or as little as you choose. If you are only planning to do a couple transactions per year, then you may consider parking your license with us.

Do I have to pay for Realtor fees?

If you are planning on conducting residential leasing or sales, yes, you will need to join the one of the boards we are members of and pay for your own membership fees and MLS fees. However, if you are an apartment locator and you are only conducting apartment locating transactions, no. The apartment locators are not required to join any board or pay dues.

Can I use a DBA?

You would be an independent agent for Spirit Real Estate Group, LLC. You would be working as an agent for Spirit unless you are under another LLC. We can make the commission checks payable to the DBA, but you would be working as a Spirit agent.

Do I need to contact the properties about my invoices?

For apartment locators we handle all of the invoicing and collections. The responsibility of the agent goes to confirming the lease with the property and providing a signed lease verification. Afterwards, our invoicing department will follow up with the property until payment is received.

Do you allow other incentives to clients?

For apartment leases it is quite common to have an incentive. Spirit will pay out in the form of a check any rebates that have been promised to the client as long as the rebate form has been completed and payment was received from the property. Other incentives like a free move, or packing services, etc… are not facilitated by Spirit and would need to be handled by the agent.

Do you allow property management?

Property Management is available.

For additional questions please contact us.