Have you ever forgotten to call or email a client? I know I have on multiple occasions. A customer relationship management (CRM) application helps you manage your clients from the date you get the lead to the date they close out.

What Can A CRM Do For You?

There are some key features that you need as a real estate professional in your CRM. These features should include:

A GOOD REAL ESTATE CRM will allow you to set reminders, and help you avoid forgetting to contact your clients when you said you would or when you would like to follow up.

A GOOD REAL ESTATE CRM will save search criteria and other important information that you need to remember when working with them in the future. With this, you can sound like an industry leader and a great information resource.

A GOOD REAL ESTATE CRM should include multiple statuses that help you organize your clients for efficiently working them through the sales process. Being able to know who your hot leads, prospects, or pending transactions are will help you know who to focus your time more effectively on.

A GOOD REAL ESTATE CRM will allow you to not only email your clients directly from the CRM but also allow you to save customized, preformed emails for fast loading and sending.

How Spirit Real Estate Can Help

Our proprietary CRM here at Spirit Real Estate has all of these capabilities:

  1. Client Follow Up
  2. Contact Date Management
  3. Property Information
  4. Email and Interaction
  5. Lead Tracking
  6. Lead Source
  7. Data and Analytics
  8. Agent Management
  9. Lease Input & Verification
  10. Transaction Management
  11. Invoice Tracking
  12. Income Tracking

We recognized that having a simple but effective CRM will not only increase the efficiency of our broker sponsorship agent, but also save time and money in other areas of your business including transaction management, invoicing, incentive disbursement, and payroll.

Make The Most Of Your Contacts!

The data you collect is the lifeblood of your business, and the CRM is the heart. Having a good heart is vital to the life expectancy of your company.
If you are in a real estate agent sponsorship, then access to the CRM is included with your monthly sponsorship dues. Licensing, however, is available for those who are under another brokerage like an LLC brokerage for a fee.

Contact Spirit Real Estate to learn more about this amazing customer relationship management software!