Realtors who work independently have a large workload, because nothing will get done with their transactions unless they are the ones that do the work. Out of this need grew the teams that we see today with most of the successful firms.

Here are some of the benefits of such teams employ:

  1. Streamline your work and focus on one specific portion of the transaction. Like just being a listing agent, buyer’s agent, transaction coordinator, listing coordinator, team manager, etc.
  2. Have a more controllable work schedule
  3. Increased number of transactions
  4. More reliable and steady stream of income with fewer ups and downs

How Does This Relate To Being a Franchise?

First, I will say that being a franchisee is not a different sponsorship level, and it is not an additional cost for your sponsorship. You start out as a sponsored agent and remain so until you bring on your first agent.

What makes this a franchise is you have the ability to make a broker split on the agents you recruit and manage. The cost comes in where you are paying for the agents’ sponsorship dues. There are cost breaks with more agents available. Your 3rd and 10th agent do not have any sponsorship dues.

Being able to divvy up 100% of the commission compared to being a team with a traditional brokerage is going to be your biggest difference.

If you are establishing your own company, you will have to develop all of your branding and digital presence along with all new print advertising. Conversely, as a franchisee you will be given access to all of our logos and signage, all with an established company that has some brand recognition. You will get all of the benefits of a sponsored agent but also have all the benefits of a realty team.

How We Can Help

Transaction Assistant Service available from contract to close — $50 per transaction with Franchise or Sponsorship.

  1. Initial completed contract review
  2. Document and task completion coordination
  3. Contact Title Company and provide title all necessary docs
  4. Coordinate inspections
  5. Coordinate appraisal with a lender if necessary
  6. Maintain communication for questions and concerns from clients, agents, title, and the lender as needed.

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